March 2012

NordiCHI 2012

As new IT continues to change our perception of time and space, we need to look at situations with a new mindset. In the 18:4 issue of ACM Interactions, Liam Bannon notes "how HCI has moved from evaluation of interfaces through design of systems and into general sense-making of our world". NordiCHI 2012 embraces this explorative yet down-to-earth challenge of designing interactive systems for human practices that are still in the making.

IJHCS – The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

This special issue invites submissions of original research exploring the interplay between online social networks and ubiquitous technologies. HCI venues have seen an increase in papers looking at online systems like Facebook, and how the rich information that users provide in these systems can be used to customize the interaction with the system. In addition, research in ubiquitous interactions and systems aims to infer users’ context and adapt appropriately.

NEM Summit 2012

New Networked Media Experience:

  • Automatic quality control and supervision; adaptation, scalability, and accessibility.
  • User experience and expectations in networked and electronic media.
  • Applications over the device continuum: requirements and threats.
  • Psychological and sociological dimensions of Quality of Experience.

New Connected Media Worlds: