Sennheiser wireless microphone transmitter and receiver kit

Sennheiser EW100 G3
EW100 G3

This may be used with the Zoom H6 audio recorder.

Please note that this equipment is difficult to set up and use.


The Sennheiser wireless microphone transmitter and receiver kit consists of a two transmitter/receiver pairs.
All compenents are in a yellow outdoor carrying case with nine compartments. It should contain the following:

  1. Transmitter 1, serial no. 1414367433, "Transm. 1"
  2. Receiver 1, serial no. 1424334330, "Rec. 1"
  3. Transmitter 2, serial no. 1414367358, "Transm. 2"
  4. Receiver 2, serial no. 1414334217, "Rec. 2"
  5. 2 x camera adapter
  6. 2 x belt clip
  7. 2 x minijack-minijack cable
  8. 2 x minijack-male XLR cable
  9. 2 x miniature microphone
  10. 2 x microphone clip
  11. 2 x microphone ball-head wind diffusor
  12. extra microphone
  13. extra microphone clip
  14. ball-head
  15. 4 filter heads

The transmitters and receivers uses 2 x AA batteries. Make sure you remove old batteries to prevent leakage.

Locked cabinet in Ph.D. room
Requires permission: