The GoPro camera can be remotely controlled by a smartphone app (download from Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Marketplace).


  • Do not try to open the GoPro 3+ waterproof case without knowing how to. Read the QSG or watch the video (link below).
  • Do not store the camera without first turning off the WiFi (there should no blue flashing light, link below).
  • Store the cameras with the battreries fully charged. Lithium batteries degrade when they are stored in a drained state.

The GoPro 3+ camera battery is charged in camera with a USB-A/Mini 5 pin USB cable. When you check out a camera, you also check out the cable.

The cameras should have a memory card installed (recommended: 32GB microSDXC memory card).

The GoPro remote control has a non-removable battery. Use the special USB charger that replaces the key ring on top of the unit.

  1. GoPro Hero 3+ BE (with waterproof house), "GoPro 1", serial no.: "H3B-B101302DE96"
  2. GoPro Hero 3+ (with waterproof house), "GoPro 2", serial no.: "H3S+A0214AA5A42"
  3. GoPro Hero 3+ (with waterproof house), "GoPro 3", serial no.: "H3S+A0414AAFAC1"
  4. 3x very short USB-A mini 5 pin cables for charging (missing as of 2016-09-21)
  5. WiFi Remote Control
  6. USB cable for charging WiFi Remote Control (seems to suffer from bad contacts, but missing as of 2016-09-21)
  7. Misc. mountings and clamps
  8. 3 x spare alternative back doors
  9. GoPro Suction Cup Tripod (missing as of 2016-09-19)

The GoPro video cameras and accessories are located in black case labeled "GoPro" on shelf B.

Locked cabinet in Ph.D. room
Requires permission: