A matter of digital materiality

Bratteteig, Tone. A matter of digital materiality. In: Exploring digital design : multi-disciplinary design practices. Springer 2010 ISBN 978-1-84996-222-3. pp 147-169 UiO

Design is about imagining future possibilities and making things that enable us to live some of these possibilities. ‘Maybe the most fascinating thing about design is that it is a process that starts with a thought and ends with the world looking different’ says Stolterman (2007: 13). Design starts with the making of ideas – of possibilities and of problems and solutions (Schön 1983; Lanzara 1983). The ideas get clearer as they are formulated and communicated, concretized and tried out in detail (Bjerknes and Bratteteig 1987; Henderson 1999). The imagining of the design result drives the process forward.
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Bratteteig, Tone