When Knowledges Meet: Wikipedia and other stories from the contact zone

van der Velden, Maja (2011). "When Knowledges Meet: Wikipedia and other stories from the contact zone". In: Geert Lovink and Nathaniel Tkacz, Critical Point of View: A Wikipedia Reader. Institute of Network Cultures. Amsterdam. pp 236-257.

In this article I will explore the management of knowledge in five different stories about ordering knowledge. As an introduction I will present three stories that explore the idea that ordering affects our understanding of what is knowledge, who can be a knower, what can be known, and who will benefit from knowledge. I am particularly interested in the materialization of knowledge and knowers in the systems and practices that order knowledge. I will also further an understanding of knowledge as the result of a direct material engagement with the world, not as the result of a reflection on the world, which implies a separation between knower and knowledge. We know with and through our own bodies, other bodies (human and nonhuman), and things, such as instruments, computers, classification systems, standards, and protocols.
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van der Velden, Maja